“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.”

This humorous quote by Benjamin Franklin speaks to the fact that there tends to be few things we can count on in life. But, while life may be grim for those who only have death and taxes to look forward to, we often find hope in things such as the sunrise each day and the seasons every year. They are consistent and reliable. We consider them to be dependable.

At the heart of dependability is a genuine care and concern for other people, whether it is a customer, client, or coworker, which leads to a commitment to say what we mean and then fulfill what we have said even though obstacles may hinder us. Open communication is a key - both when initially sharing expectations of what should be done, and also along the way as promises are kept. Trust is built within your team and those you serve when they know the job is getting done.

The true test of dependability comes when plans change and circumstances occur which are beyond our control. At these times dependable people do not give up because of difficulty. They, instead, ask how they can fulfill what was promised or expected - even with the new conditions. They also communicate as needed when an adjustment is made based on new information.

People and organizations that maintain this mentality of doing “whatever it takes” to do the job and to do it right are often respected - and are able to withstand hard times that inevitably come their way.

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