Can I Count on You?

by Ben Butina This morning, Kim's manager chose her to lead a crucial company project. At lunch, her husband texted to ask her to pick up their daughter's medication. That evening, Kim's friend called to discuss a planned weekend spa trip. Kim's manager, husband, and friend were all asking the same question: "Can I [...]

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Depth of Commitment

by Nathan Mellor, Ed.D., PCC Last week, I was working with a friend who was in an unusual situation. For the past 19 years, she and her husband had worked for the same employer in a small town in the Midwest. As is often the case, when they moved there in 2004, they thought [...]

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Fulfilling Commitments

by Dr. Talia Carroll We exist in communities–our sometimes smaller biological and chosen family communities, our work or professional communities, and our social communities, for example. In each, we engage with people in numerous ways, many of them requiring us to be someone others can depend on. Likewise, working with and sharing space with [...]

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Helping People Thrive: Goodwill Industries

by Christina Hicks Goodwill Industries is committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals by offering reliable resources and support that enable them to thrive in their careers and embrace a fulfilling life journey. "For more than 120 years, Goodwill® has been a leading workforce provider of job training and placement [...]

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by Christina Hicks In the professional realm, fulfilling commitments is a cornerstone of a thriving and productive work environment. When individuals fail to deliver on their promises, the repercussions can be far-reaching, affecting their credibility and the overall efficiency and morale of the workplace. At the heart of any successful organization lies effective teamwork [...]

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