by Christina Hicks In the professional realm, fulfilling commitments is a cornerstone of a thriving and productive work environment. When individuals fail to deliver on their promises, the repercussions can be far-reaching, affecting their credibility and the overall efficiency and morale of the workplace. At the heart of any successful organization lies effective teamwork [...]

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Dependability Introduction

by Christina Hicks Times of uncertainty and struggle can make it challenging for even the best of us to be dependable. With a focused effort and a mindset shift, we can all learn to become more dependable, even when things around us might not be going so well. Dependable people step forward and focus [...]

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Introduction to Dependability

When we lived in Houston, we had a friend who was a “casual auto mechanic.” As a hobby, he would buy old cars, fix them up and either keep or sell them. Occasionally he would get in some super sporty model, work on it, and paint it really nice. But he continued to drive [...]

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Five Keys to Building Dependability

1. Be Careful What You Promise The value you place on your commitments will determine your dependability. Recognize the seriousness of giving your word. When you agree to meet someone for a friendly lunch, for example, your punctuality demonstrates your value of your friend. When you set a project completion date, make a realistic [...]

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Dependability: Overview

Drivers and pedestrians depend on a bridge because it consistently does its job, and coworkers, family members, and friends can count on you to the extent you show dependability. Connect A bridge connects the two sides of a riverbed or valley, benefitting both sides. Similarly, dependability allows a person to maintain good relationships. Everyday [...]

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Word Etymology: Dependability

Food for Thought De- is the Latin prefix meaning "down" or "from." Combine this with pendere, "to hang," and you have a word picture that illustrates the meaning of dependable. When a rock climber ties a rope around a rock and rappels off a cliff, his life "hangs from" the stability of that rock. [...]

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