Can I Count on You?

by Ben Butina This morning, Kim's manager chose her to lead a crucial company project. At lunch, her husband texted to ask her to pick up their daughter's medication. That evening, Kim's friend called to discuss a planned weekend spa trip. Kim's manager, husband, and friend were all asking the same question: "Can I [...]

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Depth of Commitment

by Nathan Mellor, Ed.D., PCC Last week, I was working with a friend who was in an unusual situation. For the past 19 years, she and her husband had worked for the same employer in a small town in the Midwest. As is often the case, when they moved there in 2004, they thought [...]

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Fulfilling Commitments

by Dr. Talia Carroll We exist in communities–our sometimes smaller biological and chosen family communities, our work or professional communities, and our social communities, for example. In each, we engage with people in numerous ways, many of them requiring us to be someone others can depend on. Likewise, working with and sharing space with [...]

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Doing All You Can Do

by Dr. Nathan Mellor When he sat down, it was apparent that he was tired. To the casual observer, he looked like another successful executive. His shirt was pressed, and his suit tailored, but I knew him well enough to know that he was not only worn down, he was exhausted. I greeted him [...]

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The Challenges Employees Face

by Rebecca Brossoit I encourage employees, supervisors, and leaders to think of dependability as a characteristic that depends on the circumstance—­being reliable in the face of a challenging work task looks very different than being reliable in the face of a challenging life event.  Dependability: Persisting through Challenging Tasks Conscientiousness is a personality trait [...]

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Walk the Talk

Character Spotlight: Kitt Letcher, President & CEO, Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma by Christina Hicks Having always worked in the non-profit sector, Kitt Letcher’s purpose has been to make the community around her a better place. “I love being a part of organizations that are solutions-oriented. At the Better Business Bureau, we are [...]

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Interview with a Theme Park Manager

Character Core Magazine had the opportunity to visit Frontier City Amusement Park and talk with General Manager, Stephen Ball. CCM:  Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with us and share your thoughts on dependability in the workplace­—especially serving the public in a theme park. Please tell us a [...]

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Finding Hope

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.” This humorous quote by Benjamin Franklin speaks to the fact that there tends to be few things we can count on in life. But, while life may be grim for those who only have death and taxes to look forward [...]

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Finding a Way

Innovation and stiff competition motivate some organizations to emphasize design changes and cheap replacement rather than durability, but some companies still find ways to build dependability into their services and products. Find Flexible Solutions Electronic Design interviewed Jim O’Grady, head of Hewlett-Packard’s Financial Services’ Technology Value Solutions (TVS). TVS offers replacement options and helps [...]

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Dependability On The Job

Carry On Tires bear a vehicle’s weight all the time, and when the vehicle is in motion, the tires must propel the vehicle forward and maintain enough traction to maneuver safely. Similarly, your dependability frames the rest of your character. You might show diligence, but if you are not consistent or if you do [...]

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