Creativity is “thinking about a situation, a task, or an idea in a new way”.

Creativity means finding a new or different way to view a situation or accomplish a task. Often a new idea combines different parts of already existing ideas into something new. For example, a baking recipe may have a few of the same ingredients in both cookies and bread but when you combine those ingredients with a few other different ingredients, you get different results. A creative person looks for different and better ways to make or accomplish good things.

I Will:

  1. Use my talents for good.
  2. See things from more than one perspective.
  3. Use principles to make decisions and solve problems.
  4. Learn all I can.
  5. Look for new ways to do things.

Discussion Starters:

  • What does it mean to make a decision based on your principles?
  • How are you going to practice creativity today?
  • What is a good way to remind yourself to take a step back from a situation and find a new perspective?

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