Diligence is “focusing my effort on the work at hand.”

Diligence is like an investment, which means that what you put into something determines what you will get out of it. A diligent person works hard because anything worth doing is worth doing right, and the way you do your work is a reflection of who you are.

The opposite of diligence is laziness. Lazy students daydream in class, forget their homework, and care little about school. These habits lead to a poor education and a difficult future.

Be diligent, not lazy. Your future depends on it!!

I Will:

  1. Concentrate on my work.
  2. Follow instructions.
  3. Do a job right.
  4. Finish my projects.
  5. Not be lazy.

Discussion Starters:

  • What are some benefits of working hard?
  • Why should you do your best, even if no one else is watching?
  • How can you be diligent, even if you don't enjoy your work?
  • Do you have projects you need to finish? What will it take to finish them?

(Permission granted to reproduce this lesson for educational use. Credit: CharacterFirstEd.com

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