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By |2017-03-14T18:48:48-05:00March 3, 2017|

Welcome to the new Online Library! We sincerely appreciate your patience for the last month as the library was down.We have migrated almost all of the active subscriptions from the original site. During the import process some emails (less than 5%) were corrupted, so if you are having trouble please let us know.If this [...]


By |2019-04-23T13:20:21-05:00February 15, 2017|

Start Exploring Take a look a this month's Character Core focus View a list of the character qualities Make changes to your account information Need help? Want to make a suggestion? Welcome to CharacterLibraries.com This online library is an extensive [...]


By |2019-04-10T14:21:06-05:00March 7, 2013|

Compassion Compassion is “helping those who are hurting.” Compassion begins with sympathy, which is seeing someone’s pain. It is noticing a student who skins his knee or a friend who hurts her arm. It is being alert to a weary co-worker or a stranger who needs assistance. Compassion also includes empathy, which is feeling someone’s pain. [...]