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By |2020-03-30T10:27:41-05:00August 23, 2019|

Cautiousness Cautiousness is “taking the time to make sure the right decision is made or action is taken”. Cautiousness comes from the Latin root cautio meaning “wariness; heedfulness; circumspection; caution.” Cautiousness is not hasty. A cautious person matches appropriate actions with appropriate timing. They avoid rash decisions and are alert for possible problems. Practicing [...]


By |2019-06-20T10:54:19-05:00April 16, 2019|

About Character LibrariesThe history of this site begins back in 1992 when Tom Hill founded Character First. His goal was to help employers and employees develop a common understanding of character, what it is and why it is important.The Character First Business bulletins were the first publication created and they covered 49 character qualities for [...]


By |2020-03-30T10:25:08-05:00March 11, 2017|

Initiative Initiative is "recognizing and doing what needs to be done before I am asked to do it". Initiative has to be balanced with patience and dependability. You cannot shirk your responsibilities in one area to show initiative in a different area. A person who shows initiative will not only demonstrate to those around [...]


By |2020-03-30T10:24:06-05:00March 7, 2017|

Creativity Creativity is “thinking about a situation, a task, or an idea in a new way”. Creativity means finding a new or different way to view a situation or accomplish a task. Often a new idea combines different parts of already existing ideas into something new. For example, a baking recipe may have a [...]


By |2020-03-30T10:24:45-05:00April 13, 2015|

Forgiveness Forgiveness is “letting go of bitterness and revenge.” Forgiveness is not a feeling, and it does not take away or excuse what others have done. Real forgiveness is recognizing the problem and all the pain and hurt that comes with it—and then choosing to let go of any bitterness, anger, and desire for [...]


By |2020-03-30T10:22:37-05:00February 13, 2015|

Attentiveness Attentiveness is “concentrating on the person or task before me.” Not only does this help you learn, but it shows how much you value the person or project in front of you. Attentiveness isn’t always easy, especially in today’s multi-media and fast-paced world. Sometimes you have to silence your phone, turn off the [...]


By |2020-03-30T10:24:00-05:00February 10, 2015|

Courage Courage is “overcoming fear so I can do what is right.” Courage begins by knowing what is good, true, and right. This gives you confidence that you are heading in the right direction. Another way to build courage is to think through what you should do in specific situations. For example, what should [...]


By |2020-03-30T10:27:09-05:00March 6, 2014|

Wisdom Wisdom is “applying truth to my daily decisions.” Being wise is different than being smart. A smart person knows a lot of facts, but a wise person is able to apply those facts to the situation at hand. If you want to make wise decisions, you must realize that every decision is important. [...]


By |2020-03-30T10:25:03-05:00December 24, 2013|

Honesty Honesty is “being truthful in what I say and do.” Honesty is more than just accurately reporting facts. It includes what you say, and it also includes what you don't say! For example, if your mom asks, "Did you eat the cookies?" you could accurately say "no" if you just ate one cookie. But that would be [...]


By |2020-03-30T10:24:33-05:00October 23, 2013|

Enthusiasm Enthusiasm is “putting my whole heart into what I do.” Whatever the task, no matter how big or small, it will always turn out better if you put your whole heart into it! Another great thing about enthusiasm is—it's contagious! Your "spark" of energy and excitement can ignite others to live their lives [...]

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