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Obedience Obedience is “doing my duty with a good attitude.” Obedience is not just about rules, regulations, and punishment. It is really about cooperating with one another in order to have a safe and orderly school, home, and community. Think of the peace and freedom you enjoy when neighbors respect one another and obey [...]

Character First Education Qualities

By |2019-09-05T15:12:22-05:00April 16, 2019|

Character First Education Qualities Elementary The Character First elementary curriculum presents timeless character traits in a bold, fresh manner. The following qualities are included in our elementary curriculum and each page offers downloads that correspond with the curriculum, available at Attentiveness Determination Honesty Responsibility Availability Diligence Initiative Self-Control Cautiousness Discretion Loyalty [...]

Additional Qualities

By |2019-06-20T10:56:33-05:00March 22, 2019|

Additional Qualities Prior to 2014, the monthly character material was published under Character First Business. Listed below are archived qualities no longer included in the current Character Core quality list. (We appreciate your patience as we continue the process of adding content over the next several months) Benevolence Faith Meekness Thriftiness Boldness [...]

Elementary Curriculum

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Elementary Curriculum The Character First elementary curriculum presents timeless character traits in a bold, fresh manner. These lessons are designed for students in public school, private school, home school, day care, summer camp, or any other educational setting. Click on each character quality for free lessons, activity sheets, craft templates, and videos. Or browse [...]


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Character Core Qualities The following list of character qualities provides a framework for the monthly Character Core video, magazine, poster, and e-mails produced by Strata Leadership. New content is added to one of these qualities each month depending on the current subscription cycle. (Download a definitions PDF) Alertness Dependability Gratefulness Punctuality Attentiveness [...]

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